Hacking Innovation

Human1st had everything they needed to launch a successful B2B podcast: a great name, expert guests, and interesting topics. All they lacked was compelling artwork, so the opportunity for collaboration was huge.

It was my pleasure to help Simon Tratnik, the company's founder and host of the show, launch the podcast in early 2024 with beautiful branding.




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Sketches exploring early ideas.

Initial Options

Based on the brief, I developed several strong options for Simon to choose from. These can be seen below, along with the proposal. We were seeking something unique, bold, and conceptual.

Hacking Innovation – B2B Business Podcast Cover
Hacking Innovation – B2B Business Podcast Cover

Presenting multiple options in context helps the host make a final choice.

Podcast Cover

In the final show cover, a pulse effect represents the impact one innovative person (or idea) can have on a business. The design is conceptual, highly legible, and effective at all sizes.

Hacking Innovation – B2B Business Podcast Cover

The podcast cover features striking colours and a clever concept.

Episode graphics for the Hacking Innovation podcast

A suite of editable templates was developed to help with promotion.

Episode Graphics

Key ideas and conversations are highlighted in animated audiograms. Each guest has their name, headshot, and topic captured in appealing thumbnails that look great across all platforms.

The “pulse effect” is developed further, representing ripples of influence around the guest and their ideas. Framing guests in a complementary way encourages other experts to be interviewed on the show.



Simon received a comprehensive delivery filled with all the graphics he needed to launch his show successfully.

“Everything looks perfect. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. This turned out even better than I expected...”

— Simon Tratnik, Host of Hacking Innovation

  Let's make Art for Audio.